About Us

Gifting is not just about roses and cakes. It is an emotion, a process and a medium to convey our feelings and love.

Over time, people have forgotten what it feels like to open an envelope and receive a beautifully “Handwritten” letter or receiving a box full of pictures that are very close to their heart. We are here to bring back all those cliche gifts in a modern, yet personal way.

With some amazing, creative ideas and a strong desire to spread smiles all over the world, Giftsvilla, a start up by college students is your personal online gift store. We are here to provide you with the most convenient, hassle free and amazing gift shopping experience.

Ok, enough about our vision & mission! So, who are we? Allow us to introduce ourselves-

Rashi Wadhwa:

I always wanted to be someone who works 24*7 for something that I am actually good at, something that I really love doing and something that makes everyone happy. And that’s when I realized, there’s nothing better than the joy of gifting and creating gifts and this thought helped create Giftsvilla. It is everything that I am and it feels good when your work is being acknowledged.

The journey so far has not been a  walk on rose bed but instead it made us what we are today. In this wide market of gifts, we hope to create our brand identity and customer satisfaction in every order that we fulfil.


Vaishu Raheja:

In the world full of startups when every hour a company is being formed and shattered,we are lucky to have come this far with our aims high. Giftsvilla is not just a business venture, it is something that I live everyday, something that makes me happy. It’s something inseparable from me now.

When I am not just Vaishu, I am from Giftsvilla and it feels good to be known for doing what you love and with our far-sightedness and some amazing future plans, I hope this dream of mine goes beyond my imagination.